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There is nowhere else on earth where the forces of nature stand watching over the wonderful mess of existence quite like Australia, and Elena's paintings strive to capture the point at which these powerful currents meet.


When Elena moved from place to place in former Yugoslavia, and then to Australia, as a refugee in the 1990s, art helped her deal with life in a war-ravaged homeland, and became indispensable once she arrived in Sydney, as a shy girl who couldn't speak English. ​

Exploring the wonders of a new home, an island of wind-ravaged beaches, imposing, ancient sandstone cliffs and the water, in all its faces and shades, would inspire her paintings from then on. 

But it wasn't only nature which captivated her. This was a new home full of people from every corner of the globe, and celebrating this diversity -- against the backdrop of an ancient, weather-beaten and ruggedly-beautiful landscape -- has provided the inspiration for her art. 

Between these two pillars -- the people and the land -- there is vulnerability and strength. Primordial earth is the back-splash to the explosive energy, tension and strength of humanity. 

Elena paints primarily with acrylics on plywood boards, canvas and paper. She also experiments with building materials using recycled tiles, wall paints and cement-based adhesive. To learn more about her process and inspirations, please contact Elena via email below.

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